i don’t want to say goodbye underneath the spilling moonlight.

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"jinwoo can’t sing"

"seunghoon can’t rap"

"taehyun is arrogant"

"i’m still pissed that ksy is leader, it should be mino"

"winner is only successful because of yg"


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darah-dat-dat-dat-dat-dat-dat, baby don’t worry.

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Empty by WINNER ; Dance Version closeups.

when hyosung got busted by winner and winner the embarrassing one

Q: What is Song Minho to Pyo Jihoon?
P.O: My number 1 (x)

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2/countless Minyoon moments.

Mino watching Seungyoon do his weird aegyo, and giving him a backhug. ♡

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1/countless Minyoon moments.

Seungyoon kisses Mino on the cheek, to which Mino responds “Why are you kissing me? Stop kissing me!”


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Rec other Seungyoon biased blogs? I can't find that many.... :c

Sadly this is a problem I have as well! I can’t seem to find that many Seungyoon-biased tumblr blogs.

I know namyoons, winnerection, xeunghoon and gz-b all run lovely blogs and all happen to be Seungyoon biased. If you want Seungyoon updates you can also check out foreverseungyoon: if you go to foreverseungyoon’s “sources” page you’ll find lots of useful fansites/official sites dedicated to Seungyoon news. But as for Seungyoon-biased blogs, I don’t think there are very many, unfortunately!

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minyoon kisses (。♥‿♥。)